Recent Testimonials


"My clients are extremely exacting in their expectations and I need tradesmen who can do specialist decorative work to a high standard. I have been impressed with the competence of David Banks & Co and the friendly, easy way they have delivered their service."
P.I Interior Design, Mayfair


"They have done several jobs for us now and I find them trustworthy, reliable and professional. These are important qualities when employing contractors in a large school."
D.N , Cardinal Vaughan School, Holland Park. London W1


"I found the way they dealt with me to be very helpful and friendly. The painters worked hard and were very clean and tidy. I thoroughly recommend them."
M.M Fulham.

Chelsea painting and decorating

"We needed a firm who could work in a large modern office environment. It was crucial the jobs were done out of office hours and completed to a strict schedule and to a high standard. David Banks & Co do this efficiently and professionally and I recommend them."
A. F Berwin,Paisner and Leighton. Lawyers, London Bridge