New Year, New Home!

New Year, New Home!

Is 2014 the year you decide to sell your home in London? If so, here is some expert on how to prepare your home to help sell it quick and to get the best price you can.


Potential buyers need no distraction from someone else’s style – think of your home as a blank canvas on which these possible buyers can stand back and look at how they can create the space and make it their own.  Neutral colours will help achieve this.  It doesn’t need to be one bland colour throughout and it certainly doesn’t mean go out and order pots and pots of white paint!  Try for example Skimming Stone 241 or Elephant’s Breath 229 by Farrow and Ball.  Adding subtle neutral hues which flow and relate to one another from room to room will be inviting and give warmth whilst not being over powering.

Spring Clean!

You have heard the saying ‘less is more’ well it certainly would apply when selling a house. It goes back to allowing the potential buyer to have the vision of being in that space and owning it.

Alongside our decorating business we also have our professional cleaning company who are available for one off general cleans – perfect for preparing your home for viewings! Click here for further details.  

First Impressions

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior of your home. Continue the spring clean out into the garden – remove any unnecessary items and make it clutter free.  Introduce welcoming plants and flowers to the entrance. Neutral colours would also apply outside and ensure your front door accessories are looking shiny and new!

Our recommendation would be to use the Ray Munn on Fulham Road masonry eicó exterior paint. These paints are  manufactured in Iceland to exacting environmental standards, using 100% geothermal or hydropower energy, making the production process carbon positive. As eico paints themselves have one of the lowest VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) ratings of any paint sold in the UK, it is ideal for any residential or commercial application as it has practically no odour.

This has also made it a favourite for both hospitals and schools, and in particular popular for people suffering from allergies.

The paint can be bespoke. It can be tinted to any colour and has superior colour retention. The paint is designed for longevity and durability and what’s more, its washable up to 2000 times. The exterior paint has been road tested;  it can withstand the sea salt and sea spray on the coast of Norfolk for up to 7 years and up to 8 years on the coast of Iceland.  It comes in an array of colours and finishes.

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