Top Tips on a Water Tight Property

With further rain on the horizon and bookies changing the odds on 2014 having the most rainfall ever, we thought some professional advice on handling minor water damage might come in handy!

If you discover water running down a ceiling and walls in a top floor room or perhaps it is coming through a bay window into a room, the chances are you have a water leak in the roof of the house or the bay window.

If this is the case, here are some helpful steps to get your home in London dry and watertight again:

  1. Contact your insurance company to find what will be covered.
  2. Search for a roofing company using reputable website such as Rated People, Check-a-trade etc.
  3. Once the leak is detected and the roofing company has carried out repairs insist they do a ‘water check’ by soaking the area, either with buckets of water or better still soaking the area with a hose for ten minutes to ensure no leaks are coming through.
  4. If the water damaged room requires redecorating carry out another check by drawing around the watermark with a pencil. If the waterline does not expand over the pencil line following further heavy rain you know the leak has been fixed, if not it’s time to get the roofing company back!
  5. Once the problem has been resolved call us to arrange the painting and decorating.
  6. If the walls are wet, it would be good idea to invest in a dehumidifier to help dry out the rooms before the decorating begins. These can be hired for around £90 a week from a builders merchants or a hire centre.

Decorating a water damage room is different in that the preparation includes stain blocking water damage that can require several applications depending on the intensity of the damage. We can give advice on this and carry out the work before the paint is applied.

If like many people this month you have experienced recent water damage, contact us today to arrange a free estimation we would be happy to help Call us on 020 7385 9759.