Painting and Decorating Notting Hill

Painting and Decorating Notting Hill

Painting and Decorating Notting Hill: Notting Hill is a district of West London in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is known for being multi-cultural and cosmopolitan, hosting the annual Notting Hill Carnival and Portobello Road Market. To many, Notting Hill is most famous for having a popular film named after it. These days, Notting Hill is a fashionable and affluent area containing many high value properties, including large Victorian town houses, and high end restaurants and shops.

Here at David Banks and Company, we have many decades of experience in taking care of both domestic and commercial properties in Notting Hill. We know exactly what is needed as far as a skilled workforce, and high end raw materials are concerned, to ensure these wonderful properties are kept to the very highest of standards.

Painter and Decorator Notting Hill

Residential Decorator Notting Hill

Painting and Decorating Domestic Properties in Notting Hill

Did you know that having your Notting Hill domestic property painted and decorated by a professional company to the highest of standards, can make a massive difference to its market value? In other parts of the U.K. a professionally decorated home will be worth up to 10% more than one that hasn’t been recently decorated. In London, that figure can almost double. You do the maths and you will see that the potential increase in value for your Notting Hill property, far outweighs the cost to be professionally painted and decorated.

Even if you’re not looking to sell your Notting Hill property, or increase its value, there is nothing better than having your home painted and decorated by a long established professional organisation like David Banks and Company. You can proudly welcome in visitors, and enjoy the clean and fresh surroundings that a newly decorated property has to offer.

Commercial Decorator Notting Hill

Painting and Decorating Commercial Properties in Notting Hill

Here at David Banks and Company, we understand that the cleanliness and tidiness of the exterior of a commercial property is critical, as first impressions really do count. If you own a commercial property visited by the public, those first impressions will make a difference between whether they actually enter your premises or not. An untidy and dirty exterior can, and will actually cost you sales.

If your commercial property in Notting Hill is an office or public building, the interior decoration is equally critical. It is a known fact that your employees will be happier and more productive if they are working in a bright, clean, fresh, and tidy environment.

Interior Painting and Decorating

Here at David Banks and Company, we only use the very highest quality products when decorating properties in Notting Hill. The short term material costs may be higher however, higher quality materials give a better quality of finish, and more importantly last much longer, costing far less in the long run.

High quality materials are all well and good, but if they aren’t applied by a skilled workforce, the finish will never be as good as it could be. Our team of professional painters and decorators are highly skilled, and will give the very best finish each and every time they visit a property. They also ensure that when they leave, you would never know they have been there, leaving the property cleaner and fresher than before they arrived.

So, if you own a property in Notting Hill, you won’t find a better painter and decorator than David Banks and Company. Contact us today for a no obligation quotation.

Exterior Painting and Decorating

When painting the exterior of a property in Notting Hill, the aesthetics are important. The property has to look nice, and be in keeping with the area and other properties nearby. What is even more important than the look of the property however, is how well the external decoration is going to protect it. Pollution and the weather will have a profound effect upon the exterior of a property, particularly in a large city like London. Woodwork, brickwork, stonework, and even metalwork will be eaten away if not fully protected.

Here at David Banks and Company, we have been looking after the exterior of both domestic, and commercial properties across London since 1974. With this amount of experience, our customers can rest assured that we have seen it and fixed it all before. Literally nothing would surprise us, or be beyond our skills. We appreciate that the key to successfully protecting the exterior of any building starts with correct preparation. The first step is to clean and repair all exterior woodwork, brickwork, stonework, and metalwork to remove all loose debris and dirt. After a primer, the final coat of paint will be added, as always using only the highest quality materials.