Exterior painting goes on till Christmas.

We’ve enjoyed a long, warm and dry Summer. Its been one of the best I can remember for Exterior decorating conditions. I can’t really recall any serious interruptions due to bad weather throughout the whole Summer—and even now in October its continuing dry and mild. We still have scaffold up at several sites in Central London–and long may the good weather continue.

The truth is that the London climate is conducive to exterior painting usually right up to Christmas–as a general rule. There are exceptions–like three years ago when we had three feet of snow at the end of November–but generally speaking we can be confident of getting exterior work finished up to mid-December. The temperature rarely falls below 8 or 9 degrees until after Christmas. 

We have a policy of not booking exterior painting and repairs in January or February, but to start again in March.  January and February are too cold and wet. You cant use paint below 5 degrees Celcius–it just doesn’t flow and wont cover. And its common sense not to paint when its been raining, is raining or is about to rain. Rain and paint don’t mix. If ever you see crazing on paint its often a sign of the paint having gotten wet before it had a chance to fully dry and form an even skin.

So, if you have been thinking of getting an exterior painting or maintenance  job done this year and you don’t want to wait till next Spring-call me now and we can get you done and finished before Christmas.