Wallpapering Tips

Wallpaper could be seen as very old-fashioned – it has been around for over 4 centuries!  That said, if you pick up a fashion glossy magazine, often you will find that the latest wall paper designs are actually used for backdrops of photo shoots!

Nowadays the way wallpaper is made has changed over the years yet traditional paper and printing techniques are still used.   You will find that the colour palate and breath of style to choose from is vast.  Wallpaper works both in period properties and with contemporary interiors, often found in countless private residences and luxury hotels around London.

Our client tend to use paper from Zoffany (prices start from £50), Laura Ashley (prices start from £10 and Farrow & Ball (prices start from £35).

Wallpaper can be more environmentally friendly over paint. Most wallpaper inks are water-based with very low V.O.C (volatile organic compounds) emission that are significantly lower that paint.  It is also typically made of paper, which is renewable and biodegradable.  Some wallpaper can even be made using grasses, sisal, rice, cork and parchment.

Over the past 40 years we have been painting London, we have also hug a great deal of wallpaper.  It is a very specialist area. Typically we would measure the area of the wall to establish the amount of paper needed.  We normally over estimate slightly for those more intricate designs.  In order to match paper perfectly, more paper would be required for landings or rooms with lots of awkward shapes.

Once the amount of paper need has been established and ordered, our team of professional wallpaper hangers in London can begin working their magic!

Walls would be prepared and any uneven surfaces would be addressed.  The walls wouldn’t need to be level but any holes or patches would need to be taken care of before hanging.

The wall would be lined with lining paper.  This is hung horizontal to the wallpaper so any joins are not seen.  The lining paper will help with any small defects in the wall.

The wallpaper is then hung in a position which requires a couple of full lengths drops of paper.  A room in a typical London home would be 9ft high.  An average roll of paper tends to be 10 metres long and will give  approximately 3 drops of paper (from ceiling to floor).

If you are thinking of taking on the challenge in wallpapering your house, you may find this short video from farrow & Ball very handy Click Here.

Alternatively you can contact us and we can take care of wallpapering your home in London.

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