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Exterior Decorating this Spring

Spring is here and this is the time to get the outside of your property repaired & repainted Exterior decorating has several purposes: 1) Protection and preservation of the fabric of the property. 2) Refreshing the […]

Recent work in Kensington, Notting Hill and Fulham.

Take a look at some of the recent exterior decorating jobs we have been working on in Fulham, Kensington, Notting Hill and Paddington.  With Christmas only six weeks away, this is the perfect time to […]

5 minutes with our Office Manager, Cheryl

Cheryl Banks has been working with the family business for over a year handling calls for clients and booking estimates. Her 14 years of working for 5 star hotels around the world, means she knows […]

Professional Craftsman’s Painting Tools

During the 40 years we have been painting London, the quality of our craftsmanship is not only down to our skilled and experienced professional team of decorators but also down to the tools we use, […]

Wallpapering Tips

Wallpaper could be seen as very old-fashioned – it has been around for over 4 centuries!  That said, if you pick up a fashion glossy magazine, often you will find that the latest wall paper […]

How to avoid costly repair work on your home

Now is the time to be thinking of exterior decorating and repairs for the Spring and Summer. January and February has been the wettest winter recorded thus the impact of this would have really taken […]

Top Tips on a Water Tight Property

With further rain on the horizon and bookies changing the odds on 2014 having the most rainfall ever, we thought some professional advice on handling minor water damage might come in handy! If you discover water […]

New Year, New Home!

New Year, New Home! Is 2014 the year you decide to sell your home in London? If so, here is some expert on how to prepare your home to help sell it quick and to […]

Customer relations in decorating.

I’ve now been in the decorating business and in the home services business more generally for about forty years–in fact our fortieth anniversary is coming up in January!! and I think I can say I […]

Exterior painting goes on till Christmas.

We’ve enjoyed a long, warm and dry Summer. Its been one of the best I can remember for Exterior decorating conditions. I can’t really recall any serious interruptions due to bad weather throughout the whole […]


I know you wouldnt think so from the absolutely dreadful weather we’ve been having for the past FIVE MONTHS!!!  but Spring is actually JUST AROUND THE CORNER!.  No sooner will you know it but the […]

Exterior painting series

Preparation of surfaces Article number two. Second in a series of articles on preparation for Exterior painting. Scraping off. Scraping off is the process of removing defective paint and other coatings from a surface which […]

Exterior painting in london

The following series of blogs will deal with the different important elements of exterior painting. The first series will concern Preparation, to be followed by Base-coating then Top-coating. Preparation of surfaces.    article 1. Someone once […]